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Age: 29,   Birthday: 28 September.   Born: Bristol, England. Stats: bust 34JJ waist 24 hips 34.

Me as a cute eight year old and as an even cuter little baby,

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I left school at 16 and was thinking of going into catering, but took a temporary job (believe it or not) working in a bra factory.

I was spotted by a local shop owner who asked me if I would be interested In doing a photo shoot for an advert for his business. I was nervous and unsure and when he told me it would be topless I was really scared. After much thought I decided to do the shoot. I had to go to the photographers house, I was shaking when he asked me in and made me a cup of coffee. Within an hour I had started the shoot, I lay on a bed with a see through black top on whilst he snapped away, when he asked me to remove my top and I froze. After a little coaxing I slipped off the top, his eyes lit up, he couldn't stop starring at my breasts and kept telling me how wonderful they were. A few days went by and I got a call from the shop owner, he needed to see me, so I went to the shop and the pictures were there. The owner of the shop was delighted, and I must admit it felt good to see them.

A few months went by the shops magazine came out, suddenly out of the blue I got a call from a photographer who had seen the magazine and wanted me to do a shoot with him. The shoot was for a radio station, at the time I was a bit skint so I took the job, it was half a days work for 250 which was what I was earning for 3 weeks work packing bras. From that moment the phone started to ring weekly at first and within a few months it was ringing daily, so I got myself a manager jacked in the bra job and haven't stop
ped since ......

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